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About Us

Thank you for visiting Safety At Your Fingertips. As a former Police Lieutenant, I have
had numerous conversations with citizens who have voiced their concerns of the
escalating viciousness of criminal acts committed by criminals. We can talk about how
important it is for neighbors to look out for each other, or how we should report
suspicious activity wherever it may occur. The truth of the matter is, in time of
need, seldom is there a police officer there when you need him/her, and rarely do strangers
risk their lives to save yours.

For this reason, Safety At Your Fingertips was formed. To provide you with life saving devices 
at your fingertips. These devices can make a difference between life and death. All of our devices are  
non-lethal self-defence items that, if used properly, will repel attacks on you or your loved ones.

Our goal at Safety At Your Fingertips is to provide law abiding citizens with a voice of action.
Of course It is better to avoid a dangerous situation. However, there maybe a time where that option
is not avaliable, and you have no other choice but to defend yourself. 

Review our web catalog to see what will work for you, and allow us to put "safety at your fingertips."   

Nelson Velazquez